Our Pub

History & Heritage

The original building is believed to date from the early 1600's and was a private residence. By 1884 the Hamlets of Truthwall, Botallack and Carrarrar had become united. They contained 71 houses and 42 tied cottages, one shop (which was located next to the old chapel 100 yards up the road) and a public house.

The (pub was owned in 1856 by James Bolitho and was known as the New House, Truthwall. In 1897 when James Skewes owned the premises it became known as the Queen's Arms.

In 1908 it briefly became The King's Arms during the reign of Edward VII but reverted back to the Queen's Arms shortly after.

The pub is a Grade II listed building partly due to the ornate ceiling above the stairs. This is believed to be over 150 years old although its origins are unknown.

Botallck itself is an historic mining village near St Just, with the remains of a stunningly scenic mine perched on the clifftops. Two engine houses remain, Count House and Count House Workshop, both restored, with displays on local and natural history of the area.

The south west coast path is only a short walk from the pub through some stunning and unique countryside.